An elder speaks

Today I came across a piece of writing that came through me a while back, and seemed to come from an ancient voice within, an inner elder. I believe we are multi-dimensional beings and, the more we clear our energetic blockages by releasing old trauma held in the body and re-programming our minds to let go of fear-based beliefs, the more conscious we can become of the different aspects of our being – they may be living different time-lines in different dimensions, yet we can connect with them outside the strictures of space-time three-dimensional reality, through the oneness that we all are. I trust these inner voices as benign, wise souls who wish the best for me, because they are indeed aspects of me, whether from the past, present or future.

“My mother and father both speak through me. I am their child and I listen to them both with love, respect and gratitude. And then I integrate their respective wisdom and I find my own voice, my authentic way of expressing my truth, which is very much guided by the wisdom of my parents.

But, in a way, each new generation is an evolutionary step forward and a new creation, which takes the best bits from both parents and blends them to create something new and, hopefully, even more insightful.

Editor note – this is where another voice started to come through my writing – I know it because the writing starts to flow with ease as if automatic; it comes from beyond my conscious mind and has a different tone…

But there’s no getting around it – wisdom comes with age. We all have to stick around to qualify for true experiential and embodied wisdom. Young folk can know a lot of things and have a lot of innate wisdom and higher consciousness, but until you’ve been around the block a few times, you can’t fully appreciate a human life. Not until you’ve experienced and healed from heartbreak, disappointment, rejection and betrayal. Not until you’ve been present at death and birth. Not until you’ve seen yourself through a thousand eyes. Not until you’ve learnt humility and respect and mastered kindness and compassion. Not until nature opens your heart like a flower and you remember the simple power of presence and the powerful presence of simplicity.

There are some things only an elder can teach you. To know this is a good step on the path towards understanding and embodying humility.

Editor note – back to my more clunky voice again to finish… 🙂

An old, wise part of me speaks tonight – an unfamiliar voice, he doesn’t talk much, only when it’s important. I call him Saul, he feels aboriginal to me. I love you, Saul, thank you. You are my elder human teacher and I need your voice within me. You remind me of humility, my human-ness.”


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