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In Person-Classes (taught in our beautiful Roundhouse in Northern Portugal, close to Fornos de Algodres)
Advance booking required – please book in at or +351 910 080 799.

Weekly mixed ability in-person yoga class, every Saturday 9:30-11am. The price is €10 with a discounted option of €7.50 for those on lower incomes.
At the Roundhouse, Quinta da Pomba.

Weekly mixed ability in-person yoga class, every Thursday 10-11:30am. The price is €10 with a discounted option of €7.50 for those on lower incomes.
At the Roundhouse, Quinta da Pomba.

Weekly mixed ability in-person yoga class, every Tuesday 6-7:30pm. The price is €10 with a discounted option of €7.50 for those on lower incomes.
At the Roundhouse, Quinta da Pomba.

Online Classes (offered via Zoom platform):

Zoom mixed ability yoga classes offered online every Monday, 7-8:15pm. The price is £7 per person.
This class is open to all – plenty of options are always offered, in order to cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Most classes focus on a particular theme, for example twists, back-bending, opening the side body, intelligent use of core muscles etc. And in each class we focus on conscious, full breathing and we always finish with a relaxation in corpse pose.

Life-long Access to Previous Class Recordings
I have started making my Monday classes available as recordings after the live class, so you can practise them any time you like, as often as you like. Each class has a unique reference number and title and costs £5 to purchase. To purchase a class please first pay the appropriate amount into my account then get in touch with me by email ( with the title and/or number of the class(es) you wish to receive, and I will send you the link to the recording(s).

Available classes (keep checking as I’ll add more as I record them):
1. Playing with Pigeon – A deeply releasing class with an outer hip-opening focus that explores the ‘pigeon’ shape in different, creative ways. Expect a creative flow with lots of stretching.
2. Breathing The Body Open – We focus on using the breath to open the body from within. Pranayama and stretches that open the intercostal muscles and the whole of the torso (front, sides and back) are both used to help you breathe more freely than perhaps you’ve ever breathed before by the end of the class!
3. Hamstring FocusIn this class we put our focus on the back of the legs and we use postures and sequences to both lengthen and strengthen the muscles here, particularly the hamstrings on the back of the thigh. You should feel 10cm taller after this class! Our relationship with our hamstrings is sometimes linked to our relationship to the past. What are we still holding onto that we are ready to release? This class might show you…
4. Psoas Focus – In this class we hone in on one of the deepest postural muscles in the body, the psoas muscle. Sometimes called ‘the muscle of the soul’, the psoas is an essential part of our core stability and our ability to move around, and is also engaged in our ‘fight or flight’ stress response. Hence it is chronically tight in most people, leading to all kinds of other body issues. Here we use the wise approach of both strengthening and releasing this important, endlessly fascinating muscle. You might find yourself walking taller and more easefully afterwards.
5. Drawing Towards the Centre-line – This class is all about drawing our energy inwards and towards the centre-line of the body for maximum efficiency. This helps us feel strong and light in postures. We focus especially on adducting the legs and observe how this helps us connect to our deepest core muscles and opens up the area around the sacrum.
6. Opening The Space Behind The Heart – In this class we focus specifically on opening and strengthening the thoracic spine, which is notoriously stuck and weak in most people due to excess sitting and ‘slumping’. Finding full mobility in this part of the spine enables us to breathe more fully and find more ease in backbends. A deceptively powerful class!
7. Thighs and Shoulders This class focuses on strengthening and lengthening the front of the thighs (quadriceps), moving towards a series of peak, bound (i.e. hands hold feet) back-bending postures that require open thighs and shoulders. Plenty of different options are given and you are encouraged to enjoy the journey of opening rather than getting hung up on achieving the end postures! A wonderfully opening class that will move stagnant energy in the legs for sure!
8. Spinal Traction and Headstand – This class focuses on postures that extend and ‘traction’ the spine – moving the crown in one direction and the tailbone in another creates space between the vertebrae, which helps us stand taller and move with grace. The peak posture of the class is sirsasana (headstand) and we prepare the body intelligently for this, with lots of preparation stages included, so all can participate.
9. Hips and Inner Thighs – This class focuses on opening the hips in all of their different directions of mobility, moving towards some peak hip-opening postures including compass pose, archer’s pose, frog and pigeon. There is also a strong emphasis on lengthening the adductor muscles on the inner thighs. A juicy, stretchy class with a good dollop of hip stabilising postures too, for balance.
10. Shoulders and Neck – In this tension-busting class we release the holding patterns of stress and tension that most of us carry in our neck and shoulders. An energising and liberating class.
11. Summer Solstice Class – Here we celebrate the life-force energy of the sun. We use a balance of yang energy (think lots of sun salutations!) and yin energy to explore the different ways the sun can nourish us – building fire, power and heat, but also warming tired bones after a long day… 🙂 Enjoy a surprisingly heart-opening class, with a less is more approach to back-bending.
12. Dark Moon Class – Here we use a gently challenging lunar flow to release what is ready to be released at this potent time of the lunar cycle, just before the new moon. Expect lots of deep openings and stretches, with a big emphasis on full exhales, to aid release.
13. Manipura Fire Flow Class – In this class we work with the element of fire, connecting us to our Manipura (solar plexus) chakra; our seat of personal power, will-power, egoic identity and self-esteem. We use core work, twists and front-body openers to gently fan the flames of our inner fire (tapas) then quench the flames right back down at the end of the class with some cooling yin postures.
14. Grounding Foot Focus Class – Here we focus on grounding by paying lots of attention to our feet and ankles, and how we come into relation with the ground beneath us. We explore the ‘root to rise’ concept in our postures and test our groundedness with a few different balances. There is also an invitation to explore half lotus postures for those who can, with preparatory modifications provided for those still working towards this.
15. Detoxifying Twists – This class uses a variety of different twisting postures to both open up the spine and stimulate the digestive system. This is a powerfully cleansing and rejuvenating class.
16. Lammas Class – This class fell on the ancient Celtic festival of Lammas, which traditionally celebrates the first summer harvest and also a return of the rising ‘yin’, inner energy after the peak of the outward active energy at the summer solstice. We use breath and targeted postures to open the chest to create more space for gratitude within our hearts, celebrating our personal harvest this year. We start and finish with some yin postures to welcome back the stillness energy of reflection and receptivity, allowing us to receive the fruits of our practice fully.
17. Lionsgate Class – This class coincided with the astrological event of the Lionsgate Portal on 08/08 and was also an incredibly hot day! So we did a ‘cooling’ practice of holding more static postures for longer, with an emphasis on connecting to our heart energy and our inner wisdom, to harness the potent energies available to us on this day, culminating in a series of backbends and headstand practice with plenty of options provided.
18. Grounding and Centering In this playful class we explore balancing in various different asanas as a way to practise grounding and centering. A light, child-like approach is encouraged, and challenging balance sequences are interspersed with integrating grounding postures for, yes, balance! This class helps to strengthen and balance our base and sacral chakras.
19. Preparing for Wheel – This class uses intelligent sequencing to prepare the body for urdhva dhanurasana, the ‘wheel’ posture, a strong backbend that requires a great amount of strength and flexibility. The class blends both strengthening and lengthening postures for the upper and lower body to ensure a balanced approach to preparing for this posture, and modifications are provided for those not yet ready to do the full posture. Remember, it’s about the journey not the destination, and your body will love this journey!
20. Releasing Flow – This class draws inspiration from the flowing element of water. We use stretchy postures and flowing sequences to help us release what is stuck within us and preventing us from flowing with ease, and we explore our relationship with our own powers of intuition. We balance the flow with stabilising postures to return to our grounding centre and ‘containment’. Hips, heart and hamstrings all get a big release!
21. The Magic of Inversions – A headache-relieving class that explores different kinds of inversions, from gentle and supported postures like child’s pose to stronger postures such as headstand (modifications provided), as a way of both stimulating and releasing energy in the brain and third eye. A great class to release excess mental energy, reduce stress and tension and shift your perspective if you’re feeling emotionally, mentally or energetically stuck.
22. Find Your Truth this class is all about opening the throat chakra and forging a relationship between the throat and the heart, helping us to express our personal truth with loving kindness and compassion. We use ujayi breath, seed sounds and internal mantra and we explore physical postures that compress and open the throat area such as shoulderstand, plough, fish and wild thing. We also bring in a bit of fiery core work as often it takes courage to speak our truth!
23. Following the Fascia Lines – In this class we focus on anatomically tracking the sensations within our body in order to begin to come into deeper relation with the interconnected wisdom of our fascia, which runs through all of the body, connecting muscles, bones, organs and everything else! We structure the class around opening key fascia lines on the front, back and side of the body as well as across the chest, but the main emphasis is on using the class to facilitate a subtle inner exploration of your own incredible body wisdom.
24. Light and Love – Here we celebrate the start of Divali, Hindu festival of light, by connecting to our heart-space through a space-creating, torso-opening practice. Expect lots of back-bends, twists and a big focus on moving the shoulders away from the ears to create space in the chest. Beautiful!
25. Samhain Class This class harnesses the beautiful, spiritual energy of Samhain to connect to our ancestors, lost loved ones and lineages through an introspective, mellow, practice. We also explore the ‘witchy’ side of Samhain, celebrating our feminine, yin energy and power. Expect some guided meditation, gentle flow, deep hip openers, standing inversions, forward folds and long-held yin postures in the mix.
26. Dragon Flow – This class is inspired by the dragon! We look at this in two ways – how the dragon can represent our personal power and how we learn to wield this wisely and kindly, as well as helping us create healthy boundaries for ourselves. We also dive deep into our shadowy depths and connect to our most ancient, reptilian self that we evolved from, which governs our primal, survivalist impulses and instinct. Expect creative dragon flow salutations and a big focus on mula bandha and uddiyana bandha as we move between fiery and cooling postures.
27. Lower Back Focus – Here we give the lower back a lot of love and attention, by working with pelvic-initiated movements to help unstick the thick fascia in this part of the body and by including back strengthening postures too, exploring how we tether the lower back muscles to the deep core muscles for maximum efficiency. We use a bit of a ‘seaweedy’ theme to explore how the tailbone connects to the crown of the head during spinal movements, as we move the spine in all of its different directions. Whether you have an active or sedentary life, this sequence will serve you well, either as a preventative or therapeutic practice for lower back issues.
28. Pranayama Practice This class weaves basic pranayama into the asana practice with a big focus on breath awareness and regulation in each posture. After a short pranayama practice we use counted breaths in each posture to keep the mind ‘hooked’ onto the breath and to begin to regulate our inhales and exhales; the first step towards mastery of our prana, life-force. A mind-challenging but ultimately mind-clearing class!
29. Wombspace Practice – This class is a nourishing, gentle practice for whenever you have low energy, with a particular emphasis on creating space in the lower belly, hips and groins. It is especially aimed at women on their menstrual cycle but is beneficial for all, including men – we can all benefit from connecting to our inner goddess and inner wombspace, whether we have a physical womb or not… 😉
30. Hips and Hamstrings – In this class we give the back of the legs a great stretch out as well as exploring opening the front, outer and inner hips. Expect some challenging standing balance sequences and many variations on ‘pigeon’ legs and the wide-leg forward fold. A space-creating, energising class for the legs.
31. Winter Solstice Class – On the cusp of the winter solstice, in this gentle, introspective class, we take time to reflect on the past year and what we have nurtured within us, and what seeds we wish to nurture in the new year. More yin than yang, in this class expect gentle openings of the body through long-held twists and supported front-openers combined with plenty of forward-folding postures. We encourage our energy to follow nature’s cue and go downwards and inwards, and we take time to get still and connect to our inner landscape.
32. New Year Rejuvenation – In this first class of the new year we choose a rejuvenating, energising, detoxifying theme with plenty of twists and some cleansing breathwork. Great whenever you feel stagnant energy or a build-up of toxins within your body.
33. Energy Top-up Class – We explore two different ways to top-up our energy or ‘prana’ – firstly through dynamic, opening postures and secondly through more introspective, calming postures with long-holds. Combined with some dynamic and calming pranayama (breathwork), this class should overall leave you feeling energised and balanced, with a greater idea of how yoga can support you regardless of your starting point.
34. Grounding Floor-based Class – In this class we barely make it off the floor! We focus on grounding and centering and staying present through anchoring the mind to the audible quality of the breath and the points of contact between our body and the floor. The class is not without its challenges, including a tricky squat- based balance, but is a good one for when you feel scattered, stressed-out and a bit disembodied; it will bring you back to yourself… 🙂
35. Adductor and Groin Focus – In this class we focus on strengthening and lengthening the inner thigh and groin muscles. It’s a fiery class with a lengthy standing sequence so buckle up, breathe deep and feel the amazing opening effects in your body! We also include a shoulder focus, including a twisted variation of pigeon, and finish with some delicious supine twists.
36. Tune In and Stretch Out – In this class, using pranayama and guided meditation, we take time to become still and quieten ourselves down and, from this centred, still space, we focus on stretchy postures that open up the body and help us take up our space. Expect lots of deep hip openers and expansive postures. Then we finish with an extended savasana to once again finish in deep stillness and quiet.
37. Bandha Awareness – In this class we focus in on the physical seat of mula bandha, the root energy lock, and uddiyana bandha, the ‘flying-up’ energy lock, as a way of finding inner strength and resource to carry ourselves through our practice. In each posture we connect with the pelvic floor and deep transverse abdominals, either in activation or deep release. A subtle yet powerful class.
38. Coming Home to Yourself In this class we explore the theme of our yoga practice as a familiar place that is always there to come home to when we wish to nourish ourselves and reconnect to our centre. We use pranayama techniques and a well-rounded practice of traditional, classic asanas to connect to the ancient wisdom held within the living tradition of yoga, of which we are a part. A beautiful class for coming home to yourself through breath connection and body awareness, in deep honouring of ourselves and the yoga path.
39. Forward Folds This class focuses on forward flexion of the body through a range of hamstring and hip-opening postures, including a lengthy seated forward-fold sequence. As well as lengthening the back of our body we also open up to the calming, introspective energy held within forward folds, for a grounding, centering class.
40. Unsticking the Shoulders and Upper Back – This class uses twists and shoulder opening variations of postures to release superficial tension held in the upper back and shoulders. We work these muscles too, then find our way to a deep relaxation of the same muscles at the end of the class. Space is given for an inversion to enjoy the benefits of the space we’ve created in our upper body, and an emphasis is put on breath and bandhas as a dual focus throughout the class. This is the class that everyone needs at the end of the day!
41. Fire and Water – This class combines heating and cooling postures to create a well-balanced flowing class. We start with breath of fire and shitali breath (the cooling breath) then move into a mellow flow of both challenging fiery postures such as warriors and squats, combined with gentle hamstring and hip-openers. We finish with a seated twisting sequence and some gentle supine stretches, leaving you feeling well-stretched, detoxified and soothed.
43. Tending to the Hinge of the Body – In this class we nourish, open, release and cleanse the ‘hinge’ of the body, which incorporates the lower back, hips, groins, belly and pelvic region. This area of our body performs so many essential functions for us, both movement-wise and also internal body functions – digestion, reproduction, urinary system etc. So a lot of tension and stagnant energy can build-up here. We use a full range of both dynamic and restorative postures to hone in on this area and move stuck energy, leaving us feeling more expansive and balanced.
44. Spinal Flexibility – We are as young as our spines are flexible! In this class we tend to our spinal health and move the spine in all the different ways it likes to move in order to keep it supple and healthy. We focus on deep breathing to nourish and hydrate the intervertebral discs and we use pratyahara (sense withdrawal) to connect with the spine in each posture, in each deep appreciation for the amazing piece of skeletal architecture that it is. This class will improve your posture, help you move with grace and possibly make you taller!

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