Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is a massage technique that’s over 2500 years old and is suitable for everyone. It originated in India then was spread to Thailand by early Buddhist travellers, where it absorbed Chinese and Thai influences. Its joint Indian and Thai heritage has created a unique massage experience of passive stretching (where you are placed into stretches) and acupressure. The acupressure is based on the idea of ‘energy lines’ that run through the body. By applying pressure along these lines, blockages in the body’s energy are released, bringing balance to the body and mind. The combination of stretching and acupressure has the effect of deep relaxation combined with a feeling of invigoration. It is often called ‘lazy yoga’, as it allows you to benefit from stretches and joint mobilisation exercises without having to do any of the work yourself!

The benefits of regular treatment include:
-Increased flexibility and joint mobility
-Relief of stiff, aching muscles
-Relief of chronic tension, especially in the lower back, hips, neck and head
-Deep relaxation
-Stress relief

The massage is given fully clothed – it’s best to wear stretchy clothes such as leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, with a long-sleeved top or jumper to avoid becoming too cold. You will lie on a comfy mattress on the floor and be placed into various positions by the masseur. There are four main positions – lying on your back, on your front, on your side and sitting up – the positions used will depend on your specific needs.

The massage covers the whole body, from the feet up to the head, and lasts between one and two hours. The masseur uses different body parts (e.g. elbow, hands, feet, knees) to apply the different massage techniques and the routine is given in a flowing sequence. Generally the massage is given in silence, allowing me to tune into your body and allowing you to completely switch off and unwind.

It’s best not to eat at least one hour prior to the massage.

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