Feeling good…

So we finished our first month with Vijay and survived intact! I am so proud of Chris – he really didn’t enjoy the enforced early morning regime much but stuck it out, only wagging class once – well done that man… 🙂 Yesterday, after the last class, he was in high spirits (i.e. jubilantly smug) andContinue reading “Feeling good…”

Downward dog tired

We had a led class again this morning, meaning we’ve gone full circle with Vijay – I can see how the days could start to merge into one dreamy yogic existence here. Sleep, do yoga, eat, chat in a cafe for rather a long time, drink  fresh coconut, do pranayama, eat, socialise in a cafeContinue reading “Downward dog tired”

Return of the monsoon

Today I learnt that hareem pants are not good in a downpour – whoever said the rainy season had finished here has a lot to answer for… We were having lunch on the street with 25p man again (his pakoras are so amazing!) when we heard ominous rumbles that were definitely not emanating from ourContinue reading “Return of the monsoon”

And so it begins…

This morning we attended our first class with Vijay Kumar. We were in the second batch at 6:30am – the first one begins at 4:45am. Obviously the second session is heaving as, for most people, 4:45am is not a time that exists, except for back in the day when we could still party all night.Continue reading “And so it begins…”

Frond yoga arrives in Mysore

So, I am finally in Mysore, after the surreal experience of spending eleven hours in a weird artificial limbo in the sky then being plonked down unceremoniously somewhere utterly different from when I was last on solid ground. To me, flying long-haul really is a strange form of travel, almost like some kind of darkContinue reading “Frond yoga arrives in Mysore”