Devotional tree-hugging

Despite it being the Ugadi festival on Saturday, Sharath still went ahead with the Saturday conference this week. I made sure I was sat close enough to hear clearly, and was poised with my pen, ready to scribble down as much of it as possible again, in order to write up my notes later for those who weren’tContinue reading “Devotional tree-hugging”

Sharath conference notes – 14th March 2015

Here goes my attempt to capture (most) of what Sharath said at yesterday’s conference. Again, no dictaphone – I tried, but I mostly picked up my own breathing, occasional coughs and the murmurs of one of the amazingly well-behaved babies in the room, who happened to be behind me. The happy contentment of all thoseContinue reading “Sharath conference notes – 14th March 2015”

Sharath conference notes – March 7th 2015

I’ve noticed on the Ashtanga Community in Mysore facebook page that there are a few requests for write-ups of Sharath’s conference notes. Well, seeing as I simply cannot stop myself from taking copious notes whenever anyone is talking to me (I think it’s how my brain processes information) I thought I should answer the call. However,Continue reading “Sharath conference notes – March 7th 2015”

I’m in!

I did it! We’re back in Mysore and I registered at the KPJAYI shala today and met the main man, Sharath. Well, when I say ‘met’, it was more like being sent to see the headteacher… It felt like being at school from the start, as we all huddled on the floor of the foyer passing roundContinue reading “I’m in!”

Institutionalised yoga?

I found out yesterday that I hadn’t got in to study at the Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPAYI) in February next year and, since I applied, I’ve found out that obtaining a place is as fraught and nigh impossible as getting hold of Glasto tickets… For those that don’t know, Pattabhi Jois is theContinue reading “Institutionalised yoga?”