Experiential Anatomy with Ken the Rolfer – helping the inner journey

This weekend I attended the follow-up to Ken the Rolfer’s initial Experiential Anatomy course and it was just as inspiring and illuminating as the first one. I could listen to Ken talk for hours. His slow, relaxed drawl belies a fiercely sharp mind and fathomless depths of knowledge and experience. When his steady gaze meets mine asContinue reading “Experiential Anatomy with Ken the Rolfer – helping the inner journey”

Body prodding and Happy Sankranti

Oh dear, I did it. I called Ken the Rolfer ‘Rolf” to his face by accident, in a Fawlty Towers ‘don’t mention the war’ stylee. Oops… Still, he was very cool about it: “Oh it’s fine, I spent four months being called Rolf in Indonesia – they just didn’t get it.” What a dude. Ken theContinue reading “Body prodding and Happy Sankranti”