Meat and sleep – the universe provides…

Today my body is hurting BIG-TIME. Last night’s back-bending class stretched muscles I didn’t know I had – and that’s coming from a yoga teacher/masseuse with anatomy training! Vinay’s teaching techniques were unusual – he has devised a series of stretching and strengthening exercises, almost like calisthenics, that prepare the body for back-bending. You repeatContinue reading “Meat and sleep – the universe provides…”

The slow count

This morning we had our first led primary series class with Vijay – it was a sloooow count, and I swear he slowed down even more for navasana (the dreaded boat pose, where you balance on your bum in a V shape) and utpluthih (where you lift up onto your hands whilst in lotus andContinue reading “The slow count”

Anatomy focus – how back-bending is also chest opening

It is an anatomical rule that when certain muscles in the body contract to achieve a particular action, another group of ‘antagonistic’ muscles will stretch; you cannot have one action without the other occurring. In back-bending, muscles in the back, such as the erector spinae and trapezius, contract, meaning muscles on the front of theContinue reading “Anatomy focus – how back-bending is also chest opening”

Why is opening up so hard?

There is a lovely saying, which I often find myself using: “We are as young as our spines are flexible.” This is so true – you see it in those who have practised yoga their whole lives and seem to defy age (this is what I’m holding out for!). Really, much of their ‘youthfulness’ isContinue reading “Why is opening up so hard?”