Reiki is a simple and natural form of hands-on healing, brought across to the west from Japan in 1938. Reiki roughly translates as ‘universal energy’, also called ‘Ki’, ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’ in other traditions. We are simply directing this energy, which is omnipresent and infinite, for specific healing. Suitable for everyone, it addresses mind, body and spirit and the healing always goes to where it is truly needed. Reiki takes you back to your true self.

The treatment is given on a massage table (or in a chair if that’s preferred) and you remain fully clothed throughout. The hands are laid gently on the body in various non-intrusive positions and each position is held for at least five minutes. This way, the whole body is covered by the reiki, which will always go to where it’s most needed anyway.

The treatment takes around one hour, with extra time given before and afterwards for a chat, to check-in and integrate the session.

I also offer remote reiki sessions via Zoom platform to support you through these strange times we are in. These sessions work just as well as in-person treatments in terms of energetic transmission and healing received as reiki operates outside of space and time parameters. If you’re unsure try it for yourself and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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