Welcome to the frond yoga blog!

Welcome to the first frond yoga blog post! I have been blogging for a couple of years now under the name of beckymayhem – it started as a travel blog in 2012 as I meandered round NZ, Oz and Thailand on a bit of a mission of self-discovery (oh, the middle-class cliche!) but, when I returned to the UK, I missed it so much I continued to blog about whatever random thoughts were in my head that day. I’ve always loved writing, and I enjoyed the creative process of communicating my take on life to others. But I soon realised there wasn’t enough of a point to it once the daily stimulation of travel subsided, and it all became a bit self-indulgent. And, in fact, eventually it became a bit of a crux; it helped me make sense of my life when I was going through some quite dark, bleak times last year. I guess it stopped me feeling so lonely and, for whatever reason, it was part of my healing process.

Anyway, here I am, a couple of years on, and I still love writing. But the difference now, as I take my life more and more down the path that feels right to me as a yoga teacher, is that I feel I might actually have some useful things to share with the world! So, in this frond yoga blog, I will be using my own yoga journey to share with you everything from home-practice sequences, posture analysis, practice tips, philosophical musings, anatomical illumination, advice, recommendations, reviews – you name it… No doubt I will also bring in aspects of my other passions, namely Thai yoga massage (and other holistic healing therapies as I discover them), travel and connecting with the natural world. To me, these are the things that make me feel whole, grounded, content, and keep me developing in a positive way and, really, that I just can’t do without in my life! Well, that and family, friends, cake and a regular good old belly laugh of course… 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading, and find some useful hints and tips. My aim is to inspire, inform, motivate, challenge and provoke contemplation and connection with yourself and with the world around us… 🙂

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