Sometimes Less is More

I’m just back from an idyllic week of teaching my summer retreat in sunny Spain. As always, I was reminded that this is something that I really enjoy doing, perhaps above all else. I love watching the journey that everyone goes on, myself included, as we all slowly release the binding ties and prescribed masksContinue reading “Sometimes Less is More”

Flowing with the universe

As this year’s five month travel stint draws to a close I reflect back on what I have learnt. Wow – so much! Every time I go away for an extended period of time, I truly do feel like I enter the ‘university of life’, receiving so many lessons and opportunities for growth. Of course IContinue reading “Flowing with the universe”

The yoga in everyone…

NB This article was included in my most recent monthly Frond Yoga newsletter – if you’d like to receive future newsletters, with information of upcoming UK classes, workshops, day retreats and international retreats then please get in touch via ”Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.’ Bhagavad Gita.Continue reading “The yoga in everyone…”

Why going on a yoga retreat is actually doing everyone a favour… ;)

I’ve just returned from another wonderful yoga retreat week in Turkey, where I was once more struck by the magic of what occurs on these yoga weeks.  I’ve taught many week-long yoga retreats now, and my favourite thing is always watching the group members gradually relax, unwind, unfurl and blossom through the week, as theyContinue reading “Why going on a yoga retreat is actually doing everyone a favour… ;)”