Why going on a yoga retreat is actually doing everyone a favour… ;)

I’ve just returned from another wonderful yoga retreat week in Turkey, where I was once more struck by the magic of what occurs on these yoga weeks.  I’ve taught many week-long yoga retreats now, and my favourite thing is always watching the group members gradually relax, unwind, unfurl and blossom through the week, as theyContinue reading “Why going on a yoga retreat is actually doing everyone a favour… ;)”

Damn those coconuts

The other day, thanks to the seasoned wisdom of some some friends who’ve been coming here for years, I solved Mysore’s greatest mystery. Since we arrived, I’ve been finding dirty brown splodges over my clothes after they’ve dried on the line. I’ve already had to admit defeat on two t-shirts, including my favourite blue vest, whichContinue reading “Damn those coconuts”

Home Alone 2

So, Chris has left again to complete the second (mahoosive) leg of his moped trip through India – this time he has around 2500 km to cover up to Delhi rather than the 600 km covered on the first leg, gulp. He reckons it will take him between 8 and 10 weeks. So I amContinue reading “Home Alone 2”

Natural lunar cycles

With tomorrow being a full moon, I feel compelled to share a recent lunar-based discovery that I made. I recently finished a book called Wildwood, A Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin, who is probably my favourite nature-writer. His love of and attunement to British wildlife comes through strongly in his books and I relate toContinue reading “Natural lunar cycles”

It’s all in the balance…

This Thursday sees me running the first of my monthly ‘yin’ style yoga classes, with long-held, supported postures and a slow, meditative pace. This might seem a strange thing for a die-hard ashtangi to be doing, but I suppose that is the point of this post. We need both the yin and the yang. TheContinue reading “It’s all in the balance…”