Touched by the stones

Chris and I are a week into our road trip around Pembrokeshire and already we’re falling under its magical spell. Before we left, pretty much everyone to whom we mentioned our plans had something positive to say about the place – eyes lit up as happy memories were recounted. And, now we’re here, I’m sure our own eyesContinue reading “Touched by the stones”

Flowing with the universe

As this year’s five month travel stint draws to a close I reflect back on what I have learnt. Wow – so much! Every time I go away for an extended period of time, I truly do feel like I enter the ‘university of life’, receiving so many lessons and opportunities for growth. Of course IContinue reading “Flowing with the universe”

Unveiling the heart

For the last month, my partner and I have been happily living on the side of a beautiful mountain in a remote part of northern Portugal.  The reason for this change of address has been to try out community living for the first time, with a relatively new community venture called Merkaba Community.  I’ve beenContinue reading “Unveiling the heart”

A short sequence to unlock neck and shoulder tension

With spring comes a desire to surface again, as though from a deep winter slumber.  It’s time to uncrick necks, stretch out limbs and take some deep, deep breaths, breathing in new life and vigour.  To help you banish the winter blues for another year and embrace the spring sunshine, here’s a little sequence I’veContinue reading “A short sequence to unlock neck and shoulder tension”

The benefits of al fresco yoga

‘Asanas keep the body healthy and strong and in harmony with nature.’ BKS Iyengar. I’ve always been an outdoor girl, so it’s no surprise that I love doing yoga outside, feeling the sun on my skin and a gentle breeze in my hair, birdsong in my ear, blossom nectar tickling my nostrils.  And there’s noContinue reading “The benefits of al fresco yoga”

Dolmen hunters

We’ve spent the last week or so meandering through the rocky river gorges and stony plateaus of the southern, Mediterranean fringe of the Cevennes region. This area is a hotspot for what we’ve taken to lumping together as ‘stone age secrets and megalithic mysteries’ – I confess we’ve given the phrase its own cheesy theme-tune, and have gone as far as wondering whether weContinue reading “Dolmen hunters”

Flying pencils

We’ve spent the last week in the cowboy wildlands of Camargue, where white ponies and black bulls roam the flat marshes in between large saline pools and lakes fringed with whispering reeds, all teeming with pink flamingos, white egrets and grey herons. It’s a strange, enticing landscape, where nature and human influence have conspired toContinue reading “Flying pencils”

Reluctantly moving on

We did it – we finally left the very beguiling Luberon region of Provence. We were trying to for a while, but somehow another beautiful village perched precariously onto the side of a cliff or another ancient-looking footpath kept diverting our attention and we found ourselves lingering for ‘just one more night’. We managed toContinue reading “Reluctantly moving on”

Mistaking the stick for a snake

I am fascinated by the Vedas – these are a collection of four ancient Indian tomes covering a huge range of esoteric subjects, including some of the earliest known references to yoga. It is said that the wisdom that they contain was received directly from the divine by enlightened beings, or ‘seers’, and, for thousandsContinue reading “Mistaking the stick for a snake”

Learning from the mountains

We’ve just spent two lovely weeks exploring the southern Alps in France. It has felt like a real treat to have the beautiful, honeypot towns almost to ourselves, the eerie off-season emptiness only adding to the mystery and romance of the narrow, cobbled streets. We’ve enjoyed the bright blue winter clarity that still lingers inContinue reading “Learning from the mountains”