Well, it has definitely happened. India has well and truly got under my skin, despite myself… Since Chris left I’ve felt pretty introspective, as though I’m trying to process all the things that have happened to me over the last crazy five months. Something has definitely shifted. I’ve been fighting surrender for so long, clingingContinue reading “Surrender”

A spring in my step

Yesterday was Ugadi festival in India, which heralds in the Indian new year. The Hindu calendar is related to the sun and moon¬†cycles, and to me it makes sense that new year starts at what is determined to be the beginning of spring, coinciding with a fresh lunar cycle. Spring is all about new beginnings,Continue reading “A spring in my step”

The power of observation

So, yesterday I did pasasana for the first time in the big shala. Has the world changed since that moment? Have I become a better person because of it? Of course not! But it felt good to be moving forward nevertheless… ūüôā As usual, my heels didn’t touch the floor and I placed my towelContinue reading “The power of observation”


Despite another bad night’s sleep (our apartment is becoming so much like an oven that we’ve been driven¬†to¬†sleep outside on the rooftop!), this morning’s practice felt fantastic. Firstly, I managed to bind both feet and hands on my own in my primary series nemesis pose, supta kurmasana, and exit with the full vinyasa – aContinue reading “Ankle-catching”

Hot fuzz

Last night I slept¬†really badly¬†due to¬†a combination of the sauna-like heat of our rooftop apartment as the temperature creeps upwards every day, a pack of howling, fighting dogs outside and at least one hungry mossie. After hours of tossing and turning, I stumbled to class bleary-eyed, bracing myself for an unpleasant Mysore practice. However, strangely,Continue reading “Hot fuzz”

Beach bum

So, after much indecision, I decided to get out of the city again for my last month of ‚Äėfreedom‚Äô before practising at the KPJAYI shala¬† in March. There were a few raised eyebrows when I announced I was off again so soon, but I knew it was the right thing. It was time to moveContinue reading “Beach bum”

Lessons learned – an essay on anger and guilt

I’ve just returned to Mysore from¬†Rajasthan, ‘up north’ – like back home, it’s significantly more chilly¬†up there! So, I’ve said on here before that I feel like India is teaching me all kinds of lessons, and not necessarily the ones I expected – well, last week was no different. You may have noticed I’ve beenContinue reading “Lessons learned – an essay on anger and guilt”

Feeling the heat

Ever since Maka Sankranti, which signifies the beginning of spring in Indian astrological terms, the temperature has been steadily rising in Mysore. And, given India’s unwavering faith in all things astrology, I don’t know why I’m surprised. But, blimey it was hot in the shala this morning, despite there being only four of us andContinue reading “Feeling the heat”

Stop looking, start finding

As previously mentioned, when we returned from our wonderful rural road trip the other day, my enthusiasm to get back on the yoga train was flagging somewhat. Coming back¬†to Mysore had once again prompted unwelcome¬†feelings of being a¬†bit lost and confused about the whole thing. In desperation, I asked Chris to share with me someContinue reading “Stop looking, start finding”

Karma bananas

I feel like being in India is teaching me all kinds of little but important lessons. Perhaps it’s because I have the luxury of time each day to do asana, pranayama and meditation, such that I’m more open to them; I think such life lessons are probably there for the taking at any point,¬†as longContinue reading “Karma bananas”