The Recent History of the Living Yoga Tradition

Whilst in India, I was struck with how the cultural heritage and history of yoga and the lineage of yoga teaching is placed in high esteem amongst those teaching and practising yoga there.  This inspired me to write the following article, which aims to explain where the yoga we practice in the west largely comesContinue reading “The Recent History of the Living Yoga Tradition”


Well, it has definitely happened. India has well and truly got under my skin, despite myself… Since Chris left I’ve felt pretty introspective, as though I’m trying to process all the things that have happened to me over the last crazy five months. Something has definitely shifted. I’ve been fighting surrender for so long, clingingContinue reading “Surrender”

Monkey business

Today has been a day of farewells. Firstly, farewell to ankle-catching. There’s this thing in ashtanga yoga, where you’re able to do a new posture for the first time, and fireworks go off, you see rainbows and generally all is good with the world – then the next day you head to your mat full of excited anticipationContinue reading “Monkey business”

Devotional tree-hugging

Despite it being the Ugadi festival on Saturday, Sharath still went ahead with the Saturday conference this week. I made sure I was sat close enough to hear clearly, and was poised with my pen, ready to scribble down as much of it as possible again, in order to write up my notes later for those who weren’tContinue reading “Devotional tree-hugging”

A spring in my step

Yesterday was Ugadi festival in India, which heralds in the Indian new year. The Hindu calendar is related to the sun and moon cycles, and to me it makes sense that new year starts at what is determined to be the beginning of spring, coinciding with a fresh lunar cycle. Spring is all about new beginnings,Continue reading “A spring in my step”

The power of observation

So, yesterday I did pasasana for the first time in the big shala. Has the world changed since that moment? Have I become a better person because of it? Of course not! But it felt good to be moving forward nevertheless… 🙂 As usual, my heels didn’t touch the floor and I placed my towelContinue reading “The power of observation”


Despite another bad night’s sleep (our apartment is becoming so much like an oven that we’ve been driven to sleep outside on the rooftop!), this morning’s practice felt fantastic. Firstly, I managed to bind both feet and hands on my own in my primary series nemesis pose, supta kurmasana, and exit with the full vinyasa – aContinue reading “Ankle-catching”

Hot fuzz

Last night I slept really badly due to a combination of the sauna-like heat of our rooftop apartment as the temperature creeps upwards every day, a pack of howling, fighting dogs outside and at least one hungry mossie. After hours of tossing and turning, I stumbled to class bleary-eyed, bracing myself for an unpleasant Mysore practice. However, strangely,Continue reading “Hot fuzz”

Sharath conference notes – 14th March 2015

Here goes my attempt to capture (most) of what Sharath said at yesterday’s conference. Again, no dictaphone – I tried, but I mostly picked up my own breathing, occasional coughs and the murmurs of one of the amazingly well-behaved babies in the room, who happened to be behind me. The happy contentment of all thoseContinue reading “Sharath conference notes – 14th March 2015”

Sharath conference notes – March 7th 2015

I’ve noticed on the Ashtanga Community in Mysore facebook page that there are a few requests for write-ups of Sharath’s conference notes. Well, seeing as I simply cannot stop myself from taking copious notes whenever anyone is talking to me (I think it’s how my brain processes information) I thought I should answer the call. However,Continue reading “Sharath conference notes – March 7th 2015”