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Vipassana – the magic of silence

I’ve recently re-entered the speaking world after having spent ten days sitting in silent meditation with around one hundred other people at the Dhamma Mahi vipassana meditation centre near Paris. Literally, all I did each day was sit on the … Continue reading

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Mistaking the stick for a snake

I am fascinated by the Vedas – these are a collection of four ancient Indian tomes covering a huge range of esoteric subjects, including some of the earliest known references to yoga. It is said that the wisdom that they … Continue reading

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Lessons learned – an essay on anger and guilt

I’ve just returned to Mysore from Rajasthan, ‘up north’ – like back home, it’s significantly more chilly up there! So, I’ve said on here before that I feel like India is teaching me all kinds of lessons, and not necessarily the ones … Continue reading

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