Introduction to the chakras – and a chakra opening yoga sequence

NB This sequence appeared in my most recent monthly Frond Yoga newsletter.  If you would like to join my mailing list and have information of upcoming UK classes, workshops, detox day retreats and international retreats then please get in touch via In yoga philosophy, we are comprised of more than our visible ‘flesh andContinue reading “Introduction to the chakras – and a chakra opening yoga sequence”

Teething problems…

Well, here we are, a week into our campervan road trip and so far it’s been, um – challenging! After many, many obstacles, delays and literal spanners in the works in the UK, we finally set off last Wednesday a month later than planned, barely able to believe we were at last on our wayContinue reading “Teething problems…”

Experiential Anatomy with Ken the Rolfer – helping the inner journey

This weekend I attended the follow-up to Ken the Rolfer’s initial Experiential Anatomy course and it was just as inspiring and illuminating as the first one. I could listen to Ken talk for hours. His slow, relaxed drawl belies a fiercely sharp mind and fathomless depths of knowledge and experience. When his steady gaze meets mine asContinue reading “Experiential Anatomy with Ken the Rolfer – helping the inner journey”

Feeling the heat

Ever since Maka Sankranti, which signifies the beginning of spring in Indian astrological terms, the temperature has been steadily rising in Mysore. And, given India’s unwavering faith in all things astrology, I don’t know why I’m surprised. But, blimey it was hot in the shala this morning, despite there being only four of us andContinue reading “Feeling the heat”

Body prodding and Happy Sankranti

Oh dear, I did it. I called Ken the Rolfer ‘Rolf” to his face by accident, in a Fawlty Towers ‘don’t mention the war’ stylee. Oops… Still, he was very cool about it: “Oh it’s fine, I spent four months being called Rolf in Indonesia – they just didn’t get it.” What a dude. Ken theContinue reading “Body prodding and Happy Sankranti”

Jumping-through negativity

Last Saturday I ran my first jump-through workshop. For those who don’t know, the jump-through is a dynamic linking sequence that is used between postures in ashtanga and vinyasa krama yoga. I had deliberated for a long time about whether it was a good idea or not to run the workshop.  I wanted to pass onContinue reading “Jumping-through negativity”

Anatomy Focus – how do we engage moola bandha?

Hmmm, where to start?! Moola bandha is a vast subject, much debated and discussed in the yoga world at every level, from its purely physical uses to its energetic functions and beyond. It even has its own well-known book written all about it. When you’re new to yoga it can be a difficult concept to getContinue reading “Anatomy Focus – how do we engage moola bandha?”