Heal yourself…

I am passionate about the power of hands-on touch to facilitate your own body’s innate ability to heal itself. As such, I offer Thai yoga massage treatments, deep myofascial release massage and hands-on or remote reiki treatments.


Please get in touch about arranging a treatment or to find out more information. In-person sessions are offered from my dedicated healing space in central Portugal, close to Fornos de Algodres. I can also do home visits where necessary, within the local area.

Sessions are offered on a sliding scale of £30/£40/£60 for around 90 minutes. If this scale is an issue for you, let’s talk.

It is worth saying that a ‘potency’ builds the longer we work together through this kind of bodywork, as our energetic connection naturally deepens with time. However, one-off sessions can sometimes be all that’s needed too. Always follow your own intuition on this.

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