A Conversation Between Mind, Heart and Spirit (AKA The Holy Trinity)

So, here’s a little story that ‘fell out of me’ the other day, following a very inspirational chat with a friend, who encouraged me to get onto paper some of the crazy stuff swirling around my head at the moment. Indeed it was very therapeutic! I hope you take something positive from it… 🙂 

The mind scratches its head again.

“We’ve come so far,” it says. “But there’s so much further to go.” Mind strains every brain cell that’s currently active, trying to work out its next move. But in every direction mind hits a brick wall. Science is entrapped in the impossibility of quantum physics. Medicine is bamboozled by the conundrum of the self-healing body. Politics has made a mockery of democracy. Technology is leading us toward self-destruction. The brain just seems too small to process what is needed next, to enable the continued evolution of the human race.

“What next? What next?” pleads the mind. Its call to action is urgent – humans are imploding, the next wave of development needs to come soon.

The sound of the heart beating disturbs mind’s musings.

“Sssshh, heart, I’m thinking,” it says. But the heart beats louder still.  “Shut up, I thought I told you before!”

Mind is exasperated. Usually heart is so meek and quiet, allowing mind to get on and do its job. In fact heart had been moving towards silence up until recently. And now this incessant beating and pulsating is driving mind mad.

Heart beats louder and LOUDER – its call to action is urgent too.  “Listen to me, mind!” it cries with every beat.

“I’m trying to work out where we go next, heart, so can you just leave me in peace? This is important stuff. Humanity hangs in the balance!”

“I know it does!” replies heart, beating louder still, and quicker too. “And you can’t ignore me forever, mind! Remember when we used to be friends?”

“But I’m seeking answers. I can’t be distracted.”

“What if I am your answer?” asks heart.

Mind stops its thinking and is silent for a moment.

“What did you say?” it asks quietly.  A strange tingling is spreading through an area of the brain that is usually dead.

“What if I, heart, am your answer, mind?”

Mind scratches its head again.

“I don’t understand,” it replies.

“I know you don’t – in fact you can’t possibly understand. Not without my help.”

That tingling feeling again – it surges with each heart beat, spreading a little further through the brain each time. It’s deliciously pleasant. Mind smiles, despite itself.

“How can you help me?” it asks, intrigued now. This feeling is wonderful. The dead bits of the brain feel like they’re waking up.

“By opening up a conversation between us, like this one. We have to talk to each other, mind. We need each other for company, for completion. This division we’ve suffered has weakened us both – it’s time to unite, and only then can we move forward.”

“Go on, “ prompts mind.

“Together we are stronger. You need me to awaken all the parts of the brain. And I need you to help me make sense of these feelings I have. I know the feelings are all about helping humanity evolve to the next level, but you need to make it happen, mind. But you can’t do it without me – I hold the key to the next level of existence for this species. It’s all to do with that warm, fuzzy feeling you’re experiencing at the moment, as this conversation fires up brain cells that have never before been activated.”

“What is this feeling?” asks mind. “It really is rather wonderful actually.” Mind is smiling dreamily now, lost in blissful feelings of contentment and peace.

“It’s love, mind. Unconditional love. Without it we can’t move on and evolve as a species. We will self-destruct, as others have before us. It’s the next level and it’s only possible by working together. Love is the key, mind. It has to infuse every cell in our body before we can harness its power to take us to the next level of existence. It will drive every aspect of human society in the future.”

There’s silence for a while, apart from the heart beat, which is now relaxed and slow. Mind and heart are one, communicating without words. Heart feels a huge relief that its burden of carrying love for humanity’s future has now been expressed and shared with mind. Mind feels almost euphoric as it senses its brain slowly activating, its power growing, driven solely by this wonderful feeling of love.

Into the silence another sound emerges. It’s like a faint creaking and whispering, like wind through the branches of a tree.

“I’ve been waiting for you two to start talking. Well done,” the strange, disembodied voice sighs.

Suddenly mind feels a jolt of energy at the specific point of the pineal gland, which usually lies deadened and shrivelled at the base of the brain. At the same time, heart feels the same jolt of energy at a mysterious place at the rear of its muscle, and its beats become louder and stronger.

“Woah, that’s intense,” laughs heart. “Who are you?”

“I’m spirit, soul, consciousness, God – whatever you feel like calling me. You can’t hear me until you two start working together and, even now, I’m still quite faint. You two will have to commit to working together long-term before you hear me loud and clear,” the voice whispers, like water over rocks in a stream.

“It feels like you’re inside my brain,” exclaims mind.

“And inside my muscle,” adds heart.

“I am,” replies the silvery, slippery voice. I am everywhere. I am everything. You are me, I am you, there is no separation.

“I don’t understand,” complains mind, scratching its head again.

“You can’t possibly understand alone, mind,” says the voice, with a tinkling laugh. “You need heart, much more than you know. Trust heart. Heart knows, because heart holds love. And love is the glue that sticks this whole universe together. Believe me, you have no idea of your potential right now. But stick with heart and you will come to know me better and, together, we can guide humanity forward, towards a rosy future.”

There’s silence again, as heart and mind contemplate spirit’s presence, still felt, even without the words.  It’s incredibly peaceful. Strange creaks and chimes begin to echo into the silence.

“What’s that noise?” asks mind.

“It’s your DNA waking up, mind. As your conversations with heart activate previously sleeping areas of the brain, both of you open a direct channel within your respective worlds to invite me to join in with your conversations. And every time you talk to me, you change irreversibly. What is known cannot be unknown, and your cellular structure realigns to incorporate the new knowledge – previously unused parts of your DNA structure now awaken, to hold this new information. I hope I’m speaking in terms you can understand?”

“Yes, I think so,” says mind, but heart butts in.

“I don’t think I’m getting you, spirit,” it says.

“Yes, I thought as much. For you, imagine that the love that you have been holding onto is now flowing freely, thanks to your talks with mind, and it doesn’t all need to be held within you anymore, which I know was becoming an unbearable burden for you. Now it can spread as wide as you can imagine it can go, and this process begins by spreading the love through the body, to every cell, infusing the body at the micro-level with love. And so the DNA has to grow to embrace this love. It’s a game changer.”

“Wow,” says mind. “I think I’m seeing the bigger picture you’re painting. If DNA is increasing its in-built knowledge through expanding to incorporate unconditional love and also the wisdom that comes from talking with you, then we are working with a whole different frame of reference now. Plus the brain is also expanding its capacity thanks to these conversations with heart awakening dead areas of brain due to the free flow of love, so what we can do with all this new knowledge and in-built intelligence is much more than we ever could have done before. Plus heart will be continuously strengthened from the infusion of love at the cellular level, so it’s like a never-ending positive feedback loop.”

“Correct, mind, well done. And I like that you are using the word ‘we’, not ‘I’. That is progress indeed. That is the future. The future is all about unity and connection, not division and separation. Only then can humanity tap into its greater powers. But, above all, remember that nothing will happen unless the motivator is love; it’s a kind of in-built safety switch, if you like. Because, otherwise, if humans could tap into their full potential with any other motivation than unconditional love, they would immediately self-destruct in an unfathomably spectacular way, and probably take out many other planetary systems with it. And that wouldn’t do at all – remember the future is unity not division and destruction. If you keep working together, I will keep coming to you and will share more and more universal wisdom with you, to guide you on your path. But, the biggest lesson for now is that it’s all about love. The heightened role of spirit, or ‘me’, as you probably understand this to be at the moment, will become the focus for another future period of expansion, if you get through this one. But only love can take you there.”

“That’s a lot to take in,” says heart, its beat becoming slightly erratic.

“It’s OK heart, I think I’ve got it. I can explain it to you again later if you like.”

“Thanks mind, that’s really kind.” Heart’s muscle swells and the beats become stronger and more regular again, sending new waves of bliss and peace into mind’s brain. Heart and mind beam at each other.

“Well, I see you two are getting along famously now. I think it’s time I receded for the time-being. But I am always present, you will feel me. And if you continue to work together, that channel of communication with me that you both feel will stay open and I will be available to be called upon whenever you seek guidance or support. Remember I am you, you are me, there’s no separation. We three are just different faces of the same entity, and we are meant to work together – any sense of division between us just stalls evolution.”

“Thank you spirit, sending you huge amounts of love,” says heart, smiling massively.

“Um, yeah, what heart said,” mutters mind, slightly sheepishly, but with an irrepressible grin rising.

“My work here is done for now I see. Until next time, you two. Keep on trucking.”

With that, spirit’s whispering voice fades to silence and heart and mind begin the huge but wonderful task of getting to know each other after such a prolonged distance from each other. Both feel buoyed already by their new friendship and mutual support, and mind secretly is relieved to allow heart to run the show for a while. It’s been a tough old slog over the last few centuries, feeling like it had to work everything out alone. Equally, heart is relieved that it no longer has to hold in all that love that was bursting at the seams to come out. Both feel the love flowing freely through the body now, stimulating new areas of the brain and triggering new strands of previously ‘dead’ DNA into life. And, through it all, spirit makes its presence known through a strange surety about the future, and a feeling that anything is possible as long as they work together.




One thought on “A Conversation Between Mind, Heart and Spirit (AKA The Holy Trinity)

  1. A feeling of light, joyful energy is gently moving through my physical and energetic body while I contemplate and feel the words I just read.

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