A spring in my step

Yesterday was Ugadi festival in India, which heralds in the Indian new year. The Hindu calendar is related to the sun and moon cycles, and to me it makes sense that new year starts at what is determined to be the beginning of spring, coinciding with a fresh lunar cycle. Spring is all about new beginnings, where life shakes off the slumber of winter and raises its head in anticipation of a new cycle of growth. It seems like a better place to start the new year than an arbitrary date in one of the gloomiest months of the year where much of nature lies dormant beneath the soil!

Anyway, to me, this Ugadi seems particularly auspicious, given its coincidence with the total solar eclipse across northern parts of the world. OK, we didn’t experience it here, but that doesn’t deny that, on this date of new beginnings, the earth, sun and moon all lined up in a way that astrologers claim is profoundly symbolic of new beginnings, especially given its occurrence in the last degree of the zodiac circle.

As the front page of my frond yoga website says, ‘every day is a new beginning and a chance to grow’. I truly believe this, but it seems particularly salient right now – according to some of the astrologer posts I’ve read, the rest of this month is a good one for letting go of things you don’t need anymore and embracing new possibilities and positive change. And this can be on any level – material possessions, habits, emotions – whatever.

This is very timely, as I prepare to leave India and head back home to the UK. I have learnt sooooo much over the last five months – about India, yoga, myself, life and, more than anything, about the person I want to be and the negative parts of myself that I want to let go of. So it’s a great month to process and reflect on all of this, and take life forward in a positive way, and I’m glad that planetary circumstances are on my side!

The best way to do this is apparently to meditate on what you want to leave behind and open yourself up to guidance from the universal energy, which is supposed to be particularly high over the next month, to help you find the most positive direction to take in this new chapter. And if you think that’s all mumbo-jumbo then maybe instead just look up into the night sky and marvel at the squillions of stars, planets, galaxies and solar systems up there. Perhaps, even for just a second, you may feel inspired and comforted to believe that there’s a higher intelligence up there, taking care of things… 😉


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